A yarny post at last, and Wollmeise at that. The now-annual woolly event of the year known as the Edinburgh Yarn Festival took place last weekend. I had hoped to have my friend Debbie to stay – she is usually to be found on the vendor side of things – but she rather put […]


I haven’t posted on the blog since the 1st of January, and there is a very good reason for the long silence – I have been getting my debut novel ready for submission to a publisher. Not just any publisher (as the Marks and Sparks advert says), but Unbound. A 1911 sewing machine is discovered […]


You might think that as semi-rural dwellers, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding places to take Boris-the-dog for a walk. It’s not that simple. Our village is surrounded by farmland, much of which is populated by sheep, and as we all know, sheep and dogs are not a good combination. Boris […]


Knitting has been very slow recently. Other projects have leapt to the fore and the current Zauberball vanilla sock is languishing beside me on the sofa. I couldn’t resist posting a photo of this Swedish stamp though. My computer has stopped accepting photo transfer using the normal USB port, so I have to take a […]


It’s supposed to be a really important meal, but many breakfast cereals are higher than is good for us in salt and sugar – unless you are a gloop porridge eater of course, and even then you would have to be one who doesn’t add their own sugar or treacle or salt or (whispers) nutella. My […]