Adventures in proofreading


My proofs have arrived.

This means more learning of unfamiliar software; on this occasion Adobe Acrobat Reader. If anyone wants to take up a hobby to keep their brain active, I can heartily recommend the publishing process. It's not the actual writing - it's the editing, the software, the multiple balls being kept airborne at the same time and the scouring of old newspaper archives for obscure dates.

Do you want to know about the weather in April 1911? 
The change in the cost of posting a letter over the last eighty years?
The problems with the potato harvest during WW1?

I can tell you about all of these in considerable detail, but I won't - or at least, not now.

As I said, the proofs have arrived. This is the last step before publication and is simultaneously very exciting and utterly terrifying. 

Can you see those four capital letters on the bottom line?

That is, or will be, the 13 digit International Standard Book Number which is assigned to my book. I confess I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw it in the proofs. Suddenly this has all got a bit real. I can't really talk about timescales at the moment because all the strands of the process are not yet woven together, and the Christmas and New Year holidays have slowed things down a bit. 

As soon as I have dates, I'll let you know.

I hope you had a splendid Christmas and a wonderful start to 2017.