Time for tea

The proofs have been sent back.
The publisher is doing publishing type things.
The cover is ready.
So all that remains is to be patient and wait until I'm told when THE date is going to be.

And while I'm waiting, I'm drinking quite a lot of tea.

This is not a teapot. It may look like a modern take on a teapot, but it's actually a sauce jug from the IKEA 365+ range. This was one of those items you sometimes find on the shelves in the sale section, beside wonky three wheeled office chairs and partly built chests of drawers. I loved it immediately and snaffled it before anyone else made a move. It's double walled, I think, so it keeps things hot or cold, and in our house it's been used for custard and gravy as well as tea.
If you want one I'm afraid you're out of luck because it's discontinued; I may have captured the last one in the whole world on that morning in the blue and yellow store, which no one leaves without a packet of tea lights.

The most important feature on a teapot of course, is the spout - or in this case, the lip of the jug. It doesn't dribble, not even a tiny bit. This is more than I can say for the stove-top coffee pot we bought in a Brussels market one Saturday morning, which hisses and spits so badly it has to be used over the sink. 

Generally, I'm a big mug of tea sort of person; 300ml, if I have a choice. But sometimes I want a cup of tea, with a saucer and since I'm trying to be ladylike about my book release date, and not jump up and down and SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!! all over the place, I thought that today was a proper-cup-and-saucer occasion. 

I'll let you know more about the book dates as soon as I can.


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