Book Launch

I have very exciting news!
If you pledged for the book, clear your diaries for this weekend. Hire a dog walker, book a take-away, arrange a supermarket delivery, bribe the children. 
Pledger copies of the ebook will be sent out THIS THURSDAY, 30th March, almost three weeks before anyone else gets to read it. 

The official publication date is 17th April.

You want to see the cover?

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 18.31.20 (1).jpg


What do you think?

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, I have more...

The important bit to look at in this image is the ISBN detail.
See where it says ISBN (ebook)?
Look at the next line.
I have been pretty much sworn to secrecy over this and haven't been able to tell anyone about it. 
My book is going to be a paperback too.

This is the BACK cover, and the spine...

The designer, Mark Ecob, has been amazing. 
After you have read the book, if you look at the cover, you will find clues on it. It's very, very clever.

This is the whole design.

The ebook is now on amazon for pre-order, with publication on the 17th April 2017. 
In a few days time, it will be there as a paperback, for pre-order - I will let you know when that happens.
And of course, you'll be able to order it from your local bookshop as well, as soon as the details of the paperback are on the wholesaler's database. 

Thank you, EVERYONE, who has come on this journey with me. 
You are my team, YOU made this happen. 
Please share this post, far and wide, and let's tell the world about the story of an old sewing machine, and the people whose lives it touched.

Natalie x