The Guardian NTBP Long List

As a teenager, the family newspaper was always The Guardian.

Or as my Dad called it, The MANCHESTER Guardian.
I never dreamed that one day I would write a book and that it would be listed in the newspaper as being worthy of a prize, but that is what happened this week. 

The Sewing Machine is on the Not The Booker Prize Longlist. 

If you would like to vote for it, you have until 23:59 on Monday.

Visit the website here.
In order to vote you need to create a Guardian account (name and email).
Then choose TWO books from the Long List. 
They must be from DIFFERENT publishers.
Vote in the Comments by typing
Vote Book 1 = (the name of the first book)
Vote Book 2 = (the name of the second book)
And then leave a review of one (or both) of them. About a hundred words, something personal.

Same publisher = Both votes invalid.
No review = Both votes invalid. 

It would be lovely to be shortlisted, wouldn't it?
I know some of you have voted already.
Thank you.