I’m sure I can’t be alone in hating having my photograph taken. I’m not good at selfies, and the whole idea of smiling (or not) into a camera lens is probably one of my least favourite things to do. In group shots I stand at the back, and even on holiday I would rather be taking the photo than appearing in it.
This lack of confidence and desire to hide from the camera is widespread among women of my generation I think. I was sixty on my birthday last month. There is rather more of me than I would like, and as anyone can tell you, the kilos are particularly stubbornly attached after you turn forty.

So it was with some apprehension that I read the email from my publisher, requesting new author photos for the upcoming German edition of The Sewing Machine. Eventually I decided that this was just something I was going to have to do, and I sought advice from my friend Claire and booked a session with Sally Jubb who is based near Edinburgh.
These are the results.

S80C0741 (1).jpg

Taken on a sunny September morning.
This is me.
My hair is getting more and more pale, but I’m FAR too terrified to have anything done to “brighten” it.


The last shot of the day, I had probably relaxed by the time this was taken!


Am I bothered about the lines and wrinkles?
No, I’m not.
Have I spent years moisturising and buying lotions and potions?
My face gets washed in the shower and that’s about it.
Genetically, I was always going to have a saggy chin and bags under my eyes.
There are lots of people who never get to see their 60th birthday, so I think I am pretty lucky, really.


Sitting at the bench in the back garden, with Scotland behind me.

There are more photos, but I think these are the ones which show me as I am; a bit nervous, smiley, with messed up hair. If you ever meet me for a coffee, this is the person who will be sitting opposite you.


Three bits of book news

Three bits of book news