The Sewing Machine

This is my debut novel, inspired by an old Singer catalogue, and the many-coloured threads I found wrapped around the bobbins of my Singer 99K. 
The links below will take you to photographs and notes I made during my research.

I will also included some reviews of the book and a page which tells you where to buy (or borrow) your own copy.


The Catalogue

I discovered this catalogue, dated 1929, in the drawer of an 1897 treadle sewing machine. I assume that after 32 years, the owner was thinking about a new machine. 
The Singer 99K which was the inspiration for the novel is featured in the catalogue, and I bought my machine from a lady who lived in Clydebank, just a couple of miles from the factory where it was made.



The book is available now. It can be ordered from any UK bookshop, just ask them and they will be delighted to get you a copy. 

It is in stock in several independent bookshops, and can be downloaded as an ebook as well. 

Follow the link for more information.


Locations and Research

I will add photos of locations and also images of some of the research here soon.