Tomato growing this year wasn't terribly successful; the fruits just didn't seem to ripen.


I have been left with more than a few hard, green tomatoes, and while I loved the Fried Green Tomatoes at Whistlestop Café movie, I have no idea if fried green tomatoes are a thing worth eating.  

This can only mean one thing.

Glutney making. 

There are various recipes online, the most famous being Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's original - but most of the time I just make it up as I go along. 


Chop up whatever veg or fruit you have to hand. If you grow your own, it's whatever you have a glut of. In my case this was the green tomatoes, a couple of yellow courgettes, an onion, a pepper, Bramley apple, carrot, celery, and a tin of tomatoes. I added chopped sultanas, sugar and vinegar and the end of a knobble of root ginger. 


Cook for about an hour. Maybe a bit longer.  


A kilogram of leftover vegetables produced three and a half jars of Glutney.  The jars are from IKEA, they do a range of sizes and at 0.4l capacity, these are perfect, not too big and not too small. 

And I still have enough green tomatoes to make several batches; each one will be a bit different because it just depends what's in the fridge or in the fruit bowl at the time.


Eat the not-full jar as soon as possible.  Since I took the photo, this one has already been emptied and awaits the next Glutney adventure.


The kindness of strangers

The kindness of strangers

The country mouse

The country mouse